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Tab Bars are where your guests get free drinks until a specified amount of time or money has been spent.

The bar can then be turned into a cash bar or topped up.



As the name suggests. You pre-purchase vouchers from us and hand them out to your guests, they then exchange them for a choice of drinks at the bar. This is a great way to distribute your budget fairly between your guests and prevent any party animals going crazy on your tab!

How does a Tab Bar work?

You pre arrange a limit with Book A Bar and pay this amount before the bar opens, once the tab is near the limit we will let you know and you can choose to add more to it or revert to a cash bar. If the tab does not reach the pre agreed limit by the end of the service you will receive a refund of the unspent amount.

How will I know if I've been

charged correctly?

Book A Bar use a highly advanced EPOS till system that logs every single transaction in detail. You will receive a full detailed receipt at the end of your event that will show exactly what drinks your guests have had and even in what order.

How does a Voucher Bar work?

You pre purchase as many or as few vouchers as you like. We then send these to you in advance so that you can distribute them between your guests however you see fit. They then exchange their vouchers at the bar for any of the selected drinks available and once they have used up all their vouchers we simply revert to a cash bar.

What drinks can guests get with
the vouchers?

The vouchers can be exchanged for a wide range of drinks listed on the voucher at any of our bars. If your guests wish, they can pay the small difference to upgrade their drinks to our super or hyper-premium ranges.

What about the difference between the voucher value and the actual drinks cost?

We charge just £4.50 for the drinks vouchers, this is the average price for a drink on our bars. Some people will get a pint of coke (£3.50) while others will get a bottle of cider or ale (£4.50-£4.95) altogether by the end of the event it averages out, we won't charge you any extra for it. We normally find clients opting for this option save around 30%+ versus a tab bar. 

What happens if we run out of vouchers during the event?

If your guests use up all their vouchers the bar will revert to a cash bar for them.

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