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Creating your dream event can often be overwhelming, let Book A Bar put your concerns to rest with answers to our most common queries:


Do you charge for your services? 

We provide our fully-staffed cash bar service free of charge for events of 50+ adult guests in attendance!

Any events with under 50 attendees please enquire for a quote. 


Are you licensed? 

We are fully licensed to sell alcohol, however, if a venue is not licensed we will arrange a temporary licence for your event at no cost to you.  


Can my guests pay by card? 

Yes we do  provide a mobile card facility (signal dependant) 


How many staff will you have? 

For up to 100 guests we will provide 2-3 members of staff, with an extra member of staff for every 50 guests over 100. 

If you require further members of staff please do not hesitate to contact us.


What time do you set up and start serving? 

We tend to set up a few hours before service is due to start. This takes us approximately 1 - 2 hours. We normally start service from 5.00 pm, however a time can be arranged to suit your needs. 


Can I provide my own alcohol? 

Our bar comes with our dedicated team and our great range of drinks. We do not allow you to provide alcohol but you may request certain drinks and we will try to source them on your behalf before the event. 


If you supply the drinks, can we drink as much as we want? 

Technically yes, although we don’t work on a "drink until you drop" basis as this doesn’t comply with our responsible drinking code. 


Can you stock my favourite drink? 

We stock a wide variety of drinks on our bars designed to fit the tastes of all your guests.  If there is a specific beverage you are after then let us know as we have an extended stock list of a further 300+ drinks available. 


Do you offer mobile bar hire services in my area? 

We cover the whole of the UK and regularly travel to all corners of the country, however, some locations may incur a travel charge or a higher deposit amount but most locations are covered by our standard T&C’s. 


Do you have beer on tap? 

As standard we supply our draught beer on tap from a local craft brewery and, whilst we do often change this, we tend to have 1 lager and 1 IPA as standard. Different tap options are available however we have to charge a deposit on the keg for any product we do not stock as standard. If the keg sells fully then the deposit is refunded; this is to cover the additional wastage.


Worried about costs?

Don’t want to spend as much as we have quoted? Let us know and we can work with you and your budget to reach a more desirable figure. 

More questions?

Got a question we

haven’t answered?

Give our friendly team a call, they will be more than happy to help. 


How to book:

Please submit all enquiries through the contact page, or click the book now button.

You can also call 0800 1223 169 to speak to us.

We require a returnable deposit payment of £100* to secure the date of your event.

This is refunded 10 working days after the event provided that our standard terms and conditions set out in the contract are adhered to. 


Deposits are made payable via bank transfer, cheque or cash payment. Please note that dates cannot be secured until both the deposit and signed contracts are received. 

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