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As standard, we supply a fantastic menu designed to meet everyone’s tastes and requirements, consisting of everything you would expect to find in your local pub.



In our standard service we offer a terrific range of drinks that ensure there's something to cover all of your guests' tastes and preferences.

We only serve well-known brands as standard and all of our prices are similar to or better than you would expect to find in a local pub or bar.

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Impress your guests with our exclusive premium bar service! This menu upgrade provides the ultimate ‘wow factor’ for your event by increasing the range of drinks to over 100+ different spirits, an additional 6 wines, up to 20 beers/RTD's and more!


This package includes added bar structure, bringing the total bar length to 4 metres from the standard 1.5m


Silver Stardust



Whilst our standard menu caters for all of your guests’ preferences and our premium menu offers the highest quantity of choice; our ‘Select’ menu stands as our most popular option, offering the best of both worlds with a more approachable upgrade to 30+ products from the standard drinks list and a competitive price to boot. Let's party!


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