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Can I really get my bar hire free of charge?

YES. We will make our money on the drinks we sell to your guests and any drinks packages we supply you with. You pay us a low returnable holding fee of £100, this secures your date and booking terms.


There are just a few minimum requirements you need to meet to qualify for free bar hire.


  • Free to hire

  • Taken care of for you

  • Guests pay for drinks
    (Cash + Card + Table Service)

  • Queue Jump & order by phone to the table available

  • Fully Licensed

  • Fully Stocked

  • Fully Staffed

How do I qualify?

  • Book A Bar must be the sole provider of drinks throughout your event.

  • Idealy we would like you to have at least 100 adult guests (60 within Kent). But this isn't a sticking point. 

  • The bar needs to open for the arrival of your first guests..

  • A minimum of 4 hours service time is required.

  • No minimum spend required!

  • Any event type is accepted. 

  • Any location covered within UK. 

I don't think I qualify...

I have already bought wine for the tables: 

If Book A Bar are not the sole providers of drinks throughout your event then we do have to charge for our services. Take a look at the calculator below to see how much we charge for cash bar hire when we're not the sole providers. 

What if my guests bring drinks in: 

This does happen from time to time.  We are pretty used to dealing with this without bothering you on the day.  We will generally go and have a quiet word with the guest and give them the option to let us hold the drinks under the bar till the end of the event.

If you would like this to be an option for your guests you can see how this will affect your free hire options below.

We don’t want the bar open for 4 hours:

Give us a call
, we can discuss exactly what you are after and see if we can help.



What if I don't want Book A Bar
to be the sole provider?

If you definitely don’t want Book A Bar to be the sole provider of drinks throughout your day then you will not qualify for free bar hire. 


*The prices above are just to give you an indication and may not be 100% accurate for your event as several factors will be taken into consideration on your quote from quantity of drinks being supplied by 3rd party to event location and guest numbers.

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